03 December 2008

Los Angeles

Rodeo Drive

LA - Just the name. When you think of Los Angeles you think about celebs, Hollywood and wealth. But for once, forget all the cliches! Think about LA as any good city with its fair of sights plus a few icons.

Some Recommendations:
We visited Universal Film Studios which is a real eye-opener to the film industry. You can see about the various gimmicks used as well as really good sets. Their tour takes you to their various sets and shows for example aircraft crash ruins etc.

View of LA from Universal Studios

Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills is a nice road to roam around, with designer boutiques and a very relaxed setting.

Roaming Hollywood Blvd is fun, and you can see some inscriptions in the road as well as some people disguised as actors. Go to the famous Hollywood and Highland Centre for Grunman's Chinese theater and a view of the Hollywood sign.

Hollywood Blvd

Santa Monica Beach is fun to roam around.

We stayed at the Four Points near LAX- obviously that's not a great area to stay in...unless you need a quick airport transfer.
The Hollywood Sign

Last visit- May 2007
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Lynda said...

The Los Angeles area also has one of the largest Indian/Pakistani communities in the United States. "Little India" which is about 25 minutes from downtown is as close to India as I'll get, but it's a great place. Friday & Saturday nights everyone gets dressed up (the clothing they're wearing is almost as beautiful as the models displayed in the shop windows, music shops are playing the latest tunes, the grocery stores offer about everything a Desi could want and the aromas from the cafes and restaurants (lots of Punjabi & Gujarati cuisine) make a visit to a favorite--or new--place for some food a requirement, even if you went there for aome other reason.
Of course there's Little Tokyo (near downtown) Little Saigon (further south), Little Manila (downtown) and around everywhere the influence of our neighbor, Mexico. Los Angeles as a city is very large but most of it is smaller neighborhoods each with its own character. I live in one called Mount Washington which is on a large hill (not a mountain) with older houses (80-100 years which is old for LA) lots of trees, narrow curving streets and friendly neighbors. Hollywood is technically Los Angeles, I only go there to visit friends or eat out. Yes they make movies here and LA is famous for other things but what I like most is the great diversity and choices people have.
I think that is what I have enjoyed most about Paris, as well. The museums are fantastic, but it's the small neighborhoods where I find something to savor. I usually spend my vacations in rural (southern) France and that's where I find my deepest pleasures, the richest experiences.
I hope you continue to travel, to learn from it, and to write about it. I like Thorn Tree because we are trying to build bridges--the bridge we offer may not go where the person intended, but we can only offer. I've enjoyed your comments (and humor!).
I'm sfgirl42...I don't use Facebook as I like my privacy but since you have shared so much of yourself with this blog, I wanted to respond in kind.

Ansh Jain said...


Thanks a lot for your post!

Have been to LA for a short time so my info is less!

Your post will help all readers!

Luizze Oliveira said...

Los Angels is very beautiful city of US. Here, people can get everything what they want for enjoyment. It is more popular for it's Hollywood town.

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