04 September 2010


Rome, capital of Italy has something for everyone- be it museums, architecture, parks or shopping. Rome is a wonderful city home to all of that and a lot more- pretty architecture, great cuisine and much more. Come on, it's time enough. You've put it away too long- let's indulge!

A city where history comes to life at every turn, Rome is an extraordinarily unique city and has phenomenal amounts of sights. Don't get intimidated, and don't think you will be able to cover all in a short visit. Just enjoy and let the art, architecture, food and history amaze you.

Have a look at this website.

City mapping
Rome isn't too hard to navigate for the tourist. To the east, there's the Stazione Termini and it's surrounding. Go west and you'll reach the area around Spanish Steps and Via dei Condotti. Further west is the Trevi Fountain and the lovely Centro Storico. You're nearing the Tiber now. Then comes the Vatican City and Trastvere area.


Centro Storico
Centro Storico is one of the most stunning parts of Rome. It has got grand architecture, winding lanes and squares and great eating establishments- but all tourists know that. The great sights of the Colosseum and the Forums are here. The Colosseum gets crowded easily, and at a small surcharge, you can book tickets over the Net and jump the queue. Remember to spend at least half an hour in the Colosseum and seeing the spots where the battles were held.

The Colosseum
You might knock into the picturesque Piazza Venezia with the Vittoriano. The Palazzo Venezia is on the other side.


Around are the ruins in the Forum and Palatino.

The Roman Forums, just a stone's throw away from the Colosseum were Rome's political, commercial and social backbone. You can find many ruins of Roman temples, some dating from 500 BC.

Remember to notice all the nice architecture- the squares and grand buildings on the way. There are many small pizzerias everywhere, and food is of relative good quality.

The Pantheon is one of the oldest building standing in Rome, around 2000 years old. Entry is free and queue are moving (usually there aren't any). It closes at seven in the evening.

Piazza Colonna is home to the Column of Marcus Aurelius.

If you have kids, they might enjoy the Time Elevator with different show combinations. The shows display Rome's history in a very colourful way and with simple language, for easy understanding, contrary to the typical history classes!

Campo de'Fiori square is a nice place to hang out. There's a cheap market there. It is a very lively square in the evenings. It is a true Roman experience: sit down in a very busy square of historical significance with beautiful architecture, and have food from an outdoor restaurant.

Rome also has its share of ancient obelisks, many of them Egyptian. Near the Pantheon, you will find an obelisk carried by an elephant. In one of Rome's most beautiful squares, Piazza Navona, you will find the Obelisco Agonale and the Fontana di Quattro Fiumi (Fountain of the four rivers).

Centro Storico- Termini

The Trevi Fountain is a another highlight of Rome and it is always busy with massive crowds. Throw a coin and take some pictures. The below is NOT a picture of Trevi Fountain--that's the fountain of Spanish Steps.

Fountain at Spanish Steps

Cathedral at Spanish Steps

The Spanish steps is another tourist-oriented part of Rome with a wonderful fountain. From this area, Via dei Condotti leads out and is a famous shopping street in Rome. Many major brands and designers can be found here. Look at the crowds around the fountain above! The Spanish Steps is a prime people-watching area.

The more eastern point leads to Stazion Termini .

Vatican City

A sovereign state inside the city of Rome, without a border control, is the smallest sovereign nation in the world. However, it is sheer rich in treasures.

St.Peter's Basilica
St Peter's Basilica looks great from the Piazza San Petro . The crowds were gruesome  when we went.

One of the many beautiful works at the Vatican Museums
We went to the Musei Vaticani, home to the famed Sistine Chapel where, alas, pictures are forbidden. But, there's tonnes of amazing stuff between the Chapel and the entry and do not miss the treasures in the way. There's mind-blowing artwork everywhere- keep your eyes up, down and sideways!

And while the art is splendid throughout, nothing prepared me for the Sistine Chapel- the perfect wow moment.

We stayed in the Campo de'Fiori Hotel Check it's website

Here's from a (now deleted) post.
                          Hotel Campo de' Fiori, Rome
This was the hotel I'd stayed in Rome- please click here for the website.

Located right in the heart of town (Piazza Campo de'Fiori or just Campo de'Fiori), this hotel has a wonderful air about it. The neighbourhood is noisy, even by night, although the rooms are quiet. I stayed in one of the dozen or so apartments offered by the hotel at the other end of the square.

The apartments were nice. I was travelling with a family of four, so an apartment (€ 260) worked out well, although expensive.
Still, Roman hotels are not cheap and this one is highly recommended, so paying the extra something doesn't matter as this hotel  combines great quality and location .

Lat but not the least, the view from the rooftop is great.

Campo de' Fiori

There's great food everywhere- look for pizzerias and trattorias. We enjoyed Saby's in Campo de'Fiori Square- casual and friendly staff and good-value and good food.

Try the gelataria near Saby's in Campo de' Fiori which also has good crepes. There's also a nice gelataria near the Trevi Fountain.

When to go
We went in April which seemed like a good time to visit when the weather is fair. We went during Easter time- quite crowded though.

Be cautious about pickpocketing and bag-snatching, but Rome is a very safe city to walk around.

Transportation around the city is no issue, walking is the great to see the architecture and there is some mass transit, such as the tram, buses and the metro.

Taxis can be hailed on the street.

More Pictures- Vatican Museums

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