04 July 2012

Krabi Town and Ao Nang

Unsurprisingly not a popular destination in this province of beaches and corals, Krabi Town still is worth some time for exploration.

Ao Nang-Krabi Town
When coming from Ao Nang, before entering Krabi Town, keep your eyes peeled for a Reclining Buddha which will come on the left side of the road.

The Reclining Buddha
Just as you enter Krabi Town, on the left will come a temple on an elevation. It's worth a visit.
Staircase leading to the temple
The Temple
Interior of the Temple

The town has a good night market, which commences from pretty close to the temple.

The night market
Around that area is a mall called Vogue with some shopping and restaurants and a supermarket. Great place to get cheap leather slippers!

An evening in Krabi Town
Arrive in the late afternoon and visit the temple mentioned above. Then get to Vogue for some shopping and in the evening get to the night market. For dinner, you can again go to Vogue which has a few restaurants.

Flights land at Krabi Airport. There's one eatery: near the check-in counters. If you're flying via the international wing, there's a small shop selling things like chocolates after passport control. All in all, don't come too hungry!

Ao Nang is a beach town located around 30-40 minutes driver from Krabi Town.


We stayed in the Krabi Resort. In the midst of the touristy beachfront strip, the resort had its own small private beach. There are several villas in rows, the beachfront one being the priciest. Even the  row behind the beachfront one had some partial sea views. Rooms were OK: a/c didn't work too well though. The food was OK. Has free wifi in the lobby. There's also a special "beach house"- with 2 bedrooms and a private pool. The hotel organises airport pick-up and drop.

Hotel review: Krabi Resort
Rooms- 7/10 The rooms are OK- the ones in the first two rows have a sea view, but the air conditioning was not working well and they were rather ordinary. The Beachhouse, a 2 bedroom suite, was very nice however. The air conditioning was good but it is only in the bedrooms.
Staff- 8/10 The staff were fine, they shifted us into the beachhouse for no additional cost as rooms had several problems (such as poor air conditioning).
Location- 8/10 I think this is the only beachfront resort in Ao Nang with a private beach. It is in a very touristy area but you have many amenities closeby.
Breakfast- N/A
Total- 23/30 A fine choice although Ao Nang may not be your first choice in terms of a base for Krabi.
Overall: Recommended

No of visits- 1
Last visit: Jun/Jul 2012

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