26 October 2010


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Goa is known for its beaches and touristy restaurants. However this post will not talk about any of that. Here in this post, you can read about Dudhsagar Waterfalls and its surroundings and Old Goa.

Dudhsagar is located in Goa, an hour or so from the Karnataka border. The well-known Dudhsagar Spa Resort is located at Mollem in Goa.

Dudhsagar Waterfall
When to go
The waterfalls, the primary attraction of the area, can get flooded in the Monsoon and, sometimes the post-Monsoon months (say from June to October including non-Monsoon months). It would be a shame to miss the waterfalls when you really wanted to see them. So, try to visit in winter. This way the heat and the rain of the other months would be avoided. However, I visited in October.

At an affordable price, the Dudhsagar Spa Resort (http://www.dudhsagarsparesort.com/) is a good deal.  The resort offers tents and rooms, adventure sports opportunities, a pool, playground etc in a very lush and green environment.


The Dudhsagar Spa Resort offers low variety but fair quality buffet meals.

The resort is 550+ km from Bangalore. Much of the journey is on paved highways, but in the bad rains, potholes are increasingly common. You will have to enter the town of Belgaum, which is liable to get crammed with rush-hour traffic. Remember that very few parts of the route  have streetlights, and accidents are not uncommon (especially concerning trucks). At the dead of the night we were stuck in a traffic jam as a truck ahead had collapsed.

Dudhsagar Spa resort

Set in serene and lush greenery, this spa resort is a good getaway for a few nights for your sanity, especially if you live in chaotic and bustling cities such as Mumbai and Bangalore (from where the resort is drivable but far). This is a good place to unwind, whether you're sitting outside your room, getting pampered in the spa, or walking amongst the rich flora.

However, like everything in the world, this resort has its bad points. The rooms are on the tiny side with no sitting area. And the meal buffets offer low variety.

Be careful of the using the phones in the rooms (if calling someone outside the resort). The rates are absurd ( INR 5/min within Goa; INR 7/min outside Goa, within India). Hidden charges may appear when paying, there is a tax on this and missed calls are charged. Oh, and calls are also charged even if the reception "forgets" to connect to the required number.

A stroll (with your camera) around the resort is rewarding. You'll discover various types of colourful plants and flowers. There are quite a few animals too, like ducks, cats and monkeys.

The main restaurant serves fine food.

Sights around the area
Dudhsagar Falls
These falls are the primary attractions of the region. To reach them, you have you cross two streams on jeeps. As these can get flooded during Monsoons, visit at the right time (see above).

The ride to the falls is across very bumpy roads, so a sense of humour might ease out the pain. The ride can last up to a hour, probably more. Once you reach, the area may get crowded with tourists. Above, there are the huge magnificent falls. There is a small platform for better views.
Mahadeva Temple

Now, see down. You'll see a staircase leading down, where some trails over the river (slippery) begin. There are rocks. If you do want to trek, wear appropriate clothing. Beware of leeches in the water. Beware of monkeys around the platform and on the parking spot too.

Keep at least a few hours for the trip, including the journey. And do bring your camera.
temple's interior

Mahadeva Temple
Set in small, grassy grounds is the Mahadeva temple . It's not very creative or exciting, but if you find yourself bored, come here for a very brief visit. It's small, and very dark inside.

National Parks

There are two small national parks around. One is the Bhagwan Swami National Park and the other is the Mollem National Park . Both the parks are pretty mediocre, and some parts are unkempt. We saw a few languors, wild chicken and eagles.

Old Goa is famous for its nice churches. The area is serene compared to the beaches and walking around is no problem. Churches here are beautiful. Old Goa is only located 8 km from Panaji; an easy half day trip.
Here is a photo gallery of Old Goa.

No of visits- 4 ; Last visit- Oct 2011 ; First Visit- Oct 2006

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